Monday, July 23, 2007

PodCamp Promotion - banners, mp3 and video

We really need to make a good push in effort over the next 4-5 weeks to really pack this event out, we are actively producing content - banners, audio and video that you can include on your blog to advertise podcamp. If you are attending you will receive an email soon about things you can do to promote the podcamp to others, we hope to get a broad spectrum of people attending to share in the creative passion that gets released at a podcamp.

You can find some of the promotional materials over at Thanks to all those people that have added, sent in promotional pieces for the videostream - keep them coming. We also need little mp3 audio stingers and would ask podcasters to please consider putting in a little promotion piece into podcasts coming up to the event - it would really help things out.


Media said...

After attending the last two Podcastcon's anything I can do to help I shall. Posted some banners on advertising social community new Pod Starz Group, but will add more to main site this week. Looking forward to it!

Phil "dm" Campbell said...

all the best with that site on ning. nice header.