Friday, June 29, 2007

Picking up the "tab" - New sponsor for beers!

In a totally shocking display of awesomeness, Jeff Pulver last night gave generously to the PodCampUK cause; donating money to put behind the bar. This is very beautiful! We seriously hope Jeff and some of the other wonders of the new-media sphere (Chris Brogan springs to mind) will attend the event with us. So again, thanks Jeff!

I believe John Buckley might have some news for us all soon regarding hotels for the weekend and some special rates we may be able to get at certain hotel locations.

I have started a PodCampUK promotion show on blogtv and will be visiting the NTI in Birmingham this Monday, to shoot some video for the blip video feed and speak to management about the building, layout and such like.

Monday, June 25, 2007

New Sponsors!

Great news for the PodCampUK cause today - Digital Central have come on board as a major sponsor of the event. Big thanks go to Neil Emery and the guys at the NTI Birmingham for bringing them to the PodCampUK party.

For your reading pleasure, here's a little more information from our new friends in the Midlands. Visit their website to find out more.
Digital Central is a regional development project that helps the West Midlands be nationally and internationally recognised for its digital media and music sectors. That includes Film, Television, Animation, Interactive Media, Computer Games, Digital Imaging, Music and Radio.
Our aim is to develop an enterprise culture for cluster businesses that will help accelerate economic growth and increase employment through the promotion of innovative new ideas, the development of new market opportunities and the nurturing of a new generation of cluster entrepreneurs. Our project represents a major collaboration between the regional development agency, the private sector and higher education.

Sign-up here! :)

PodCampUK - Bliptv Promo-01

Here's the first viral video from the Bliptv feed set-up by the mighty Phil Campbell.
Promo02 made me want to jump straight back on a plane to Sweden and PodCamp Europe!

If you want to experience everything that PodCampUK has to offer, sign-up on the wiki now and register your intention to attend!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

PodCamp Promo

A few of the participants at PodCamp Europe tell you exactly what they got out of being there.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Introduction & Promotion

Hello there, my name is philip campbell. I recently met up with John Buckley at podcampeurope. After not seeing John for nearly 2 years, it was nice to slip back into conversations again and talk about life, media and social networking events. After a quick discussion it appeared that adding additional people to the PodcampUK team would benefit it greatly, so I've stepped up to virtual plate to help.

I'm hoping to bring viral videos and mp3 and video mashups to bear in promoting PodCampUK and in showing some of the things you might learn while at the event. I have already setup a account for distribution of these promos via rss feed; so you can grab them and use them in your own media podcast or videoblog productions.

Basically we need YOU to spread the message. I know one of the issues we have is sponsors - We need to make sure we can spread awareness of PodCampUK far and wide. It would be great to meet some of our Swedish friends again from podcampeurope at the uk event!

I have created accounts and distribution methods across some of the major video/media sharing networks and will start to auto syndicate to these as the videos/media/promos comes in - chances are a media platform you use will be covered.

facebook group :
facebook event :
dailymotion rss: : rss:

More added soon.. . oh and btw, linda mills has started a jaiku channel over @

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The When & Where!

I went to Birmingham yesterday, to view the facilities at the New Technology Institute (NTI) for PodCampUK in September. After a quick tour, I sat down for a chat with Neil Emery - one of the people in charge of running the place...

Neil has a background in music - he used to run a recording studio. Now he's working for the NTI and (amongst other things) teaches kids how to use new-media tools. He also has a genuine passion for podcasting and puts together the Saturday night Glee Club comedy podcast. He intuitively gets the ethos of a PodCamp event.

I'm delighted to announce that on the basis of our discussions, PodCampUK is now pencilled into the NTI diary for Saturday and Sunday, September 1st and 2nd, 2007.

The NTI is a purpose-built Apple Accredited Training Centre right in the heart of Birmingham city centre. It's a great venue for PodCampUK; with a beautiful open-plan layout and plenty of light and air. It's technically well equipped with lots of computer access points, giant plasma screens in all the main rooms, plus plenty of breakout space, and a brilliant Mezzanine layout which will be perfect for hosting impromptu group discussions.

The main seminar room can be laid out as one large space, or split into two separate areas. There are two additional 'boardroom' environments and several smaller meeting rooms. There's also a dedicated IT space which can be set-up for blogging on the day. It's close to three railway stations; there are good parking facilities near-by an it's ours for two days in the first week of September! So, sign-up on the wiki and get involved in making PodCampUK an outstanding and memorable weekend for everyone. It's your event now and with your help, ideas and input, we can make PodCampUK a really special event for everyone!

See you at the New Technology Institute for PodcampUK in September... ;)