Friday, June 15, 2007

Introduction & Promotion

Hello there, my name is philip campbell. I recently met up with John Buckley at podcampeurope. After not seeing John for nearly 2 years, it was nice to slip back into conversations again and talk about life, media and social networking events. After a quick discussion it appeared that adding additional people to the PodcampUK team would benefit it greatly, so I've stepped up to virtual plate to help.

I'm hoping to bring viral videos and mp3 and video mashups to bear in promoting PodCampUK and in showing some of the things you might learn while at the event. I have already setup a account for distribution of these promos via rss feed; so you can grab them and use them in your own media podcast or videoblog productions.

Basically we need YOU to spread the message. I know one of the issues we have is sponsors - We need to make sure we can spread awareness of PodCampUK far and wide. It would be great to meet some of our Swedish friends again from podcampeurope at the uk event!

I have created accounts and distribution methods across some of the major video/media sharing networks and will start to auto syndicate to these as the videos/media/promos comes in - chances are a media platform you use will be covered.

facebook group :
facebook event :
dailymotion rss: : rss:

More added soon.. . oh and btw, linda mills has started a jaiku channel over @

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