Friday, June 29, 2007

Picking up the "tab" - New sponsor for beers!

In a totally shocking display of awesomeness, Jeff Pulver last night gave generously to the PodCampUK cause; donating money to put behind the bar. This is very beautiful! We seriously hope Jeff and some of the other wonders of the new-media sphere (Chris Brogan springs to mind) will attend the event with us. So again, thanks Jeff!

I believe John Buckley might have some news for us all soon regarding hotels for the weekend and some special rates we may be able to get at certain hotel locations.

I have started a PodCampUK promotion show on blogtv and will be visiting the NTI in Birmingham this Monday, to shoot some video for the blip video feed and speak to management about the building, layout and such like.


Parkylondon said...

I hope they've put a cap on it! Podcasters enjoy beer... and gin and tonics (that'll be me then!).

podcastpaul said...

Great news - blimey!