Monday, June 25, 2007

New Sponsors!

Great news for the PodCampUK cause today - Digital Central have come on board as a major sponsor of the event. Big thanks go to Neil Emery and the guys at the NTI Birmingham for bringing them to the PodCampUK party.

For your reading pleasure, here's a little more information from our new friends in the Midlands. Visit their website to find out more.
Digital Central is a regional development project that helps the West Midlands be nationally and internationally recognised for its digital media and music sectors. That includes Film, Television, Animation, Interactive Media, Computer Games, Digital Imaging, Music and Radio.
Our aim is to develop an enterprise culture for cluster businesses that will help accelerate economic growth and increase employment through the promotion of innovative new ideas, the development of new market opportunities and the nurturing of a new generation of cluster entrepreneurs. Our project represents a major collaboration between the regional development agency, the private sector and higher education.

Sign-up here! :)


podcastpaul said...

Excellent news John.

This looks to be a great event.

Phil "dm" Campbell said...

Certainly will be! - we need all podcasters, videobloggers and media types in the uk to get the message out about it. :)