Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Community is King!

It's time to trust the community to create its own event. It's time to let credit go where it deserves to, to those who contribute the most, create the best, and collaborate with an open spirit.

It might be scary, unpredictable and rough around the edges, but so is the whole idea of Podcamp. So is our community. After all, what is a community, except a collection of people who come together, around a few basic principles, to work for and maximize the benefits available to each other? Once it becomes anything other than that, it's a community in name only.

This is not your usual 500lb gorilla, it's a whole tribe of them, and they have microphones!

Let's get to work Blighty!

The King is dead! Long live the King!


Chris Brogan said...

Hooray! I'd love to come participate. I'm so excited you're bringing this to the UK. Let me know what I can do to provide any useful information from the first few PodCamps.

--Chris Brogan...

Johnb said...

Top man You'd be so welcome Chris! You've Started a firestorm with this idea we can't wait to fan the flames here in Blighty!

PS We'll be in touch! :)