Monday, September 3, 2007

More thanks in order!

PodCamp UK 2007 has now come to a close and what a wonderful, entertaining, enlightening and eventful gathering it was. Around 80-90 people turning up for two fantastic days of learning, sharing, networking and socializing in the open and informal atmosphere of the Birmingham New Technology Institute.

Friendships were formed, old ties renewed, food, wine, beer and superb music were liberally served and the UK new media community showed yet again its tremendous energy and enormous enthusiasm for creating, learning about and growing the global and local new media community.

Thanks to everyone who attended and supported. We love you guys! You are the creative hub around which our event revolved. Your passion and dedication as media makers and content creators is amazing; your drive towards constantly improving what you do is inspiring; PodCamp UK was your event. YOU are the maIn reason it happened at all. Thank you.

We'll be collating the various media from the event together over the next week or so and we'll post the links here as and when we can. If you have media you'd like to contribute, please use the tag podcampuk when posting it so that it will be easier for us to find. Thanks...

To Neil, Oliver, Merlinda and Aamar, the truly top notch team at the NTI we offer our collective thanks and a warm round of (virtual) applause. You could not have done a better job. The treatment we got was first class. The NTI was the true home of our PodCamp. From all of us to all of you, thank you.

To the band Esteban, DJ's Tim Baker and Brian Greene, thanks for giving us a party night to remember with great music and good vibes.

We also raise our virtual glasses to Mr Jeff Pulver for buying such a gigantic round of drinks! Even though you didn't attend Jeff, we'd like you to know that your generosity contributed greatly to the happiness of a lot of people and incidentally a few mild headaches on Sunday morning! :)

To the staff at the Aston Business Conference Centre which was virtually taken over for 2 days by PodCamp UK; many thanks. Great hotel and really helpful staff

To our sponsors Cheeze, Digital Central, Wells Park, Podcast Nation, Blogtv (who streamed the event) Bliptv, Techsmith,, BTPodshow and Node 10. You asked for little and gave a lot in return. We send you our warmest regards and we offer our sincere appreciation. PodCamps are only FREE to attend because guys like you understand the power of community and the creativity of the grassroots. Thanks for paying our bills!

To our fellow PodCamp people across the globe, we wish your events the same warm glow and the same energizing spirit we found in Birmingham this past weekend.

It only remains for us to say "Podcamp UK you were awesome!" Thank you and for now at least, goodnight!" :)


Phil "dm" Campbell said...

Hurrah! - i'm so warm and fluffy right now i'm buzzed! :)

Tim said...

special thanks to jeff and that tab, it went a long way and went down very well!

And thanks to everyone, I really enjoyed it. Managed to avoid being photographed mostly so my ninja-podcaster powers are still good :-D

John Buckley said...

lol I have at least 2 photos of you DJ'ing Tim. (I have "ninja invulnerability" - level 7 turned on!)

I won't post them if you don't want..

Anna said...

Big thanks to one and all...great event...great venue, superb hotel, great discussion, great people...nuff said

Deek Deekster said...

there's no business like show business...