Thursday, August 16, 2007

Evening Event & Hotel

The evening event and hotels are one and the same so it makes a perfect combination for our evening event. Held on campus at aston university the business centre is a great central location and only 5-10 minutes walk from the NTI center (a few pubs on the way i am sure!)

As of this moment there are 150 bedrooms available for the weekend (basically plenty right now for the weekend, friday and saturday if required) and we have agreed a special rate via the NTI. You will need to call reservations on 0121 204 3726 and quote "NTI Rates" - you do not of course have to use the onsite hotel and accommodation - am sure there are many others in birmingham and the surrounding areas.
  • classic bedroom, bed and breakfast - £40 inclusive of vat
  • standard bedroom, bed and breakfast - £50 inclusive of vat
  • superior bedroom, bed and breakfast - £60 inclusive of vat
You can see photos of the nti centre and the evening location over here.

We do intend to have a band play for an hour and there is plenty of space for chatting, drinking and i believe they have a restaurant/snack bar type thing cooking food till around 9pm. The building itself is open 24/7 with birmingham central for nightlife just a short walk away.

*update* - one of our attendees has already booked the hotel and found that the price was even better than the price above as she got the "single" rate. i believe she got the superior room at the classic bedroom price. I need to confirm this however.

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