Thursday, August 23, 2007

NTI Pre Testing Setup & Wifi

I visited the birmingham NTI centre this morning in preparation of the event in the next 9 days! - i went to test the wifi capacity that has now been added to the event. I'm pleased to say that on tests it was operating at 6 meg download and 2.5 meg upload - please note this is not dsl but cable so the speed is constant. The speeds are expected to be a little bit faster over the weekend due to less people using the connection at the collage.

A few issues arose this morning regarding the connection however. The internet feed is proxied we will have a leaflet to give out when you arrive to be able to setup your laptop to use this proxy. We tested adium (mac osx) and skype and both of those could be configured for use. We are actively making sure ports are open to access blogtv for streaming and streaming to streamguys for the quicktime feed. Web access is un-effected and is very speedy so text blogging at the event should not be an issue. The reason why the connection is proxied is that the collage has very strict rules about usage of the internet (totally understandable)

Wifi was reported to work in all rooms and is using an brand new airport to deliver the wifi across the rooms.


Deek Deekster said...

"collage" - you mean the venue is piece together with glue and sellotape in an art fashion, phil?


Phil "dm" Campbell said...