Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pod3.tv Joins PodCamp UK!

With PodcampUK less than one month away, we are delighted to announce that another great sponsor has joined the cause. The latest recruit, comes in the form of the innovative video-podcast and webtv company Pod3.tv.

Created in 2006, Pod3.tv was the brainchild of Neil Fairbrother, who created the 6th fastest growing brand in the UK in 2002 (Langley-based Neos Networks), where he invented Liquid Bandwidth' business-to-business telecoms service. The beautifully designed Pod3.tv succinctly defines their purpose, when it describes the company as a "21st century TV company" that creates "high quality TV-style shows as video podcasts that are commercially sponsored – just like commercial TV."

With content that ranges from the arts and music, to business, documentary, food and drink, gardening, travel and more, Pod3.tv is a forward thinking and highly creative company and as such, is a perfect sponsor for the UK's first ever PodCamp.

This is yet more fantastic news for an event that is rapidly shaping up as the new-media party of the UK summer.

Join us by signing up on the wiki. It's totally free to attend and it's going to be really special!

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